Monday, January 3, 2011

New site in the works!

I was lucky enough to still be able to get my old web domain name back -  So once my friend James is finished getting my site set up through Wordpress, I'll be good to go!  I could have done it myself I suppose, but he seemed to have a few tricks up his sleeve that will add some fun stuff to the site.  It will work like a blog - but with the opportunity to purchase items too.  Not on a huge scale - sticking with Etsy for that for now - but things that will keep people checking back for more.  I'll have some other things on the site too - some of my metaphysical musings, my feng shui fun, my bead beeswax, and lots more.
I hope to still use this site too, at least for awhile - but if I do decide to switch to the new one full time - you'll hear about it HERE first!
I have also been presented with a wonderful opportunity to expand my bead AND jewelry sales through Coyote Wisdom - my favorite metaphysical bookstore.  We're still in the talking process, working out the details - but look for more info coming soon  -  we hope to have it up and ready by MARCH!  Here's Coyote's link if you'd like some info about them -
TTFN, beady friends!

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