Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Give me your input....

Are we small, single owner designers and sellers still on the fringe of selling successfully on websites and through sale sites such as Etsy?  Or are we destined to get buried by the 'big box' sellers that list sometimes multiple things in a day?  I've been attempting to sell both my jewelry AND beads on Etsy since last February, and while I've had limited success with the beads, my jewelry, my true passion, has not sold at all.  Is there something that YOU do to draw attention or make yourself stand out in the crowd?  What about websites?  Have you found one/created one that works for you for minimal annual fees?  I really feel like this is 'the wave of my future', and want be sure I'm surfin' on TOP! 
Thanks, Hive members and beady pals.  Any words of wisdom you have to impart on successful online sales will be greatly appreciated.
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Pretty Things said...

Hey there! First, feel free to email me for a longer "help".

Second, a lot of it is luck, location, marketing, and more luck.

I have my own web site, and when I started doing craft shows, was able to direct my customers right there. I did an experiment one year on Etsy and it failed miserably, but I didn't market it, either.

Another thing is to find a niche. I get far more random hits and sale on specific items, like diabetes awareness jewelry, for instance, than I do on just "handmade jewelry" hits.

I believe there will always be a market for what we do. It's just a matter of marketing and having a unique, well-made product.

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