Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My name, and my blog address have been featured TWICE this week in Lisa Crone's "A Bead A Day" blog.  So I feel like should at least return the favor.  Lisa does a great job posting EVERY SINGLE DAY about her beading experiences, and is always willing to share info about others, too.  It's a huge responsibility - blogging every day.  I tried to do the same at the start of 2010, but lasted, oh, about a month.  My beaded cap is off to you, Lisa, for blogging and BEADING, and of course - for featuring ME!  If you're not reading
"A Bead A Day" check it out -


Dawn Doucette said...

Isn't Lisa a peach! I could just squish her!!! Hope your new year is wonderful!


Lisa Crone said...

Sheryl and Dawn, you make blogging so much fun and the reason I enjoy it! It's all about the connections! Happy New Year!! :)