Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bittersweet Endings

The end is drawing near.  As excited as I have been about what my future will bring (is already bringing), I am starting to feel really sad about closing my bead shop.  After all, it was a part of my almost daily life for over 4 years - working with and around beads everyday just made me happy.  And still does.  But things weren't quite working out the way I felt they should be - mostly importantly, after 4 years - my sales TANKED.  Yes, I know the economy is bad - especially in my area (Lansing, MI - the CAR capitol of the Midwest).  But it was sort of like a Catch 22 - the customers slowed, the new inventory purchasing slowed, the customers slowed even more because there was no new inventory, and the end (at least in it's current configuration) was inevitable.  The owners of the establishment where my little bead shop is located (inside a craft and antique mall) have been a bit touchy (understandably I suppose - I was paying them quite a big portion of rent), and I feel on pins and needles with eggshells thrown in when I'm there these days.  I still feel I'm doing the right thing - with the best yet to come - but also feel just a bit of meloncholy.  This too, shall pass....
I'll be blogging again soon with the details of the next part of my 'adventures in beading'.  It is very possible that my beads (and myself) will become a much bigger part of the metaphysical bookstore I frequent, and teach in.  I specialize in semi precious beads, as well as having a mystical style in my beading - so much of my inventory and my jewelry fits right in - not to mention the fact that I've worked with and around most of the faery folks there for almost 10 years (I managed a similar store before I owned my beadstore).  Still in the talking stages - waiting for the planets to align....
More soon.
Sheryl ~Cool Moon

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Crazy Mama said...

your bead store closing is a sad thing, but it seems as though where one door is closing the proverbial next door is opening. it sounds like the next phase for you could be pretty exciting.