Sunday, June 5, 2011


Bella.  Isabella, actually.  But she's Bella.  My husband and I adopted her from a family that has a child that was severely allergic to her.  It was a very hard decision for them to make, one I hope I'm never faced with.
There were lots of tears involved, as you can imagine, but I hope they know that we will make her as happy as we can.  She's got a huge yard to play in, and my husband spends quality dog time daily. 
She seems to get along fine with our MALE Black Lab right now - neither of them are 'fixed', so I hope we don't see puppies in our future.  Zeus is getting old - so he really isn't showing much interest in her that way right now - that may change though, down the line.  We want her to comfortable with us, and hope it is a quick transition.  She's just been here for a few hours, and is still pacing and looking for her mommy.  This too, shall pass.

She's already getting used to playing in the yard, and having to share her toys that she brought with her with Zeus.  He doesn't like to share, so that will be a challenge.
Lots of adjustment time.  I have a pretty light week this week, having left myself prep time for the Market on Saturday.  Probably taking way more jewelry than I need to, but I just never know what the crowd will want.  I can always swap and trade things box to tables throughout the day.  And with 5 other markets planned, going well into the month of September, that will be plenty of inventory.  Unless of course, I sell out!  Wouldn't THAT be peachy! 
Stay tuned for more Bella photos and updates.  It's been about 5 years since we've been a multi dog household.  But at least it's summer (or almost) so we can spend lots of time outdoors becoming familiar with each other.
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Robbie said...

I'm SO glad Bella is with you and I'm sure she'll settle in and see and feel all the love you and your hubby will give her. I love good feel stories like this!!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, girls. She's already becoming comfortable. The test is when my husband and I will BOTH be gone one day this week, and she and her brother are alone in the house. We plan to put them is separate rooms - but they are already pals, and like to be together. We're all adjusting - and it's been great so far...