Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls Rule!

Boys drool.  Bella is already showing Zeus who's boss, and although the family told us she was never given table scraps, she begs better than he does!  So I think maybe she did get something, every now and then.  LOL
She's getting along very well, and has stopped pacing near the door already.  Eating her food has been a challenge, I think maybe because they didn't bring us the bowl she ate from.  She will eat the food that Zeus eats, though, so if we have to switch food to get her to eat - no problem.  I want them both to eat at the same time though, because Zeus is quite the pig - and will eat hers if she doesn't finish. 
She is, at the moment, once again terrorizing her arthritic older brother.  We found out within 24 hours of adopting her that our Black Lab has arthritis is in shoulder.  Which will slow him down.  He's been quite active for all of his almost 9 years, running, retrieving, chasing, swimming.  Somehow she already knows he can't keep up, and steals his toys (we thought HE would be the toy stealer).  I think she's having fun, and hope she's going to be very happy here.
Hoping for a quiet, COOL afternoon in the air conditioning.  I hope the dogs will settle in for mid afternoon naps, so I can bead a few things.  I did some cute poly clay bracelets yesterday.  I'm just going to dig in the drawers today and hopefully pull out some more fun things.  I know, I have projects all ready to start, all the beads gathered together and ready to go.  But just digging in my drawers, and finding things I haven't seen in awhile, and discovering a spark of what to finally do with it, is very exciting to me.  So that's the plan.
Peaceful COOL beading,


Robbie said...

Hopefully Bella will go easy on Zeus(spelling)...maybe her maternal instincts will take over! It's nice they have each other for company and I'm enjoying the posts on Bella's progress.

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Robbie. I hope to get a few more photos today. She's doing very well. I think she had a little less freedom at her old home, and she still acts as though she thinks she'll be scolded for certain things that won't be a problem in our house. The biggest thing we need to overcome - before inclement weather - she won't go out in the yard without one of us. (She had to be walked on a leash at her old place). It will take time, I'm sure. More updates soon - promise!