Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book, Museum and Runway

If you read my last blog post then you read the mention about having one of my pieces worn on 'the runway'. It occurred to me that at the point that all that happened, it was PREBLOG, so not very many people are or were even aware of my very first 'brush with fame'. 
One of my pieces was chosen from a call for artists to appear in a beautiful inspiration 'coffee table' book called "Bead Dazzled: Where Beads and Inspiration Meet" by Penni Diamonte of BeadDazzled in Maryland.

"Turquoise Dream" was sent to Maryland, modeled on an actual person for the book, and then placed on exhibit for a museum gallery opening gala.  I was invited to the show, but alas, wasn't able to attend.  Included as a part of the gallery gala was a fashion show, where models wore the pieces that were featured in the book.  BUT - somehow, because they displayed the jewelry before the evening of the gala, they SOLD "Turquoise Dream", so didn't have the piece for the model to wear.
 So they called me and asked me to send something else that I felt was worthy of the runway.  Enter "Butterfly Garden".  This was the piece that the model wore on the runway at the gala..... 
 Believe it or not, "Butterfly Garden" is still around, and probably in a zip bag in a box somewhere.  It was also an original design project I submitted to Bead and Button (and was rejected), had for sale at our local art gallery, and was also one of the feature pieces at my OWN gallery opening a few years ago.  I think I need to get it back out to enjoy another summer of shows, don't you?

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