Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Bella treat for you....

She is such a happy girl.  This week, we are at the "I only want the toy he/she has" stage.  So I've been wrangling and scolding a bit.  Not too much.  I'm sure it's a dominance thing, and am just glad they are being mostly playful about it.  They were both gifted with brand spanking new tennis balls yesterday, which promptly became tennis MUSH, and then proceeded to 'fight' over the red ball again.  Which is interesting, because that chewed up, dirty red ball has been outside, ignored and not wanted by the boy dog for over a year.  Brat.
I'm enjoying this new experience, and finally getting a chance to use the camera for more than jewelry photos. I'm figuring out a lot of things about it that I never knew - or needed. Like the ZOOM lens. I got some really cool garden photos using the zoom yesterday....I can't believe they actually came from MY little Sony Cybershot. Who knew? We've got 4 professional photographers in our family (two on each side), can one more be far behind? LOL (not with a tiny digital, for sure!)

And oh, by the way, I received a PHONE CALL from the director of Meridian Township events yesterday.  She wanted to let me know that she wasn't actually the 'higher up' for that show last Saturday, but that she sent my email on to the person that was.  She shared with me that she knew there were issues with the event in the past (big surprise), and they were considering cancelling future plans for it.  Which is too bad, because my guess is with the right event planner, that Art Walk could do wonders for that little 4 corner burgh.  It was a very positive phone call, followed by an extremely detailed confirmation email for HER upcoming event - the Meridian Crafters Marketplace.  It also mentions that each of us that are participating (only about 20 again this year, though, bummer) will be featured in the local community paper, and they are asking for detailed photos of our work to accompany it.  Now, THAT is marketing.
Off to get ready for a bridal shower luncheon for my nephew's fiancee.  Not real wild about this little chicky.  She's quite selfish, and from what I've seen and heard - also quite the Bridezilla.  They already have a child together, and having been living together for almost two years.  I'm almost certain the marriage won't last - so the shower should be interesting.  Maybe she'll behave with Grandma present.  Ha.
Hope you enjoyed the Bella update, everyone. 


Robbie said...

We all need our Bella fix! She puts a smile on my face for sure!

coolmoon said...

Ours too. Right at this very moment, although it is still close to 80 degrees outside - she is draped across my husbands lap in the La-Z-Boy - happy as a clam. Brat.