Monday, June 20, 2011

Moms worry

Even dog moms.  We're just getting Zeus to a point where his arthritis isn't slowing him down so much - and now I think our poor Bella has some issues.  I'm seeing signs of a possible ear infection, and maybe a bladder infection too.  Don't think she's in heat - I think the boy dog would be making a bigger fuss about her if she was.  She's not eating as well as she was a week ago, either.  So we really need to get her to the vet.  Our problem is basically lack of funds.  Zeus' arthritis issues and subsequent prescription set us back an entire two weeks worth of pay, and the current two week pay period includes the house payment - also leaving us with little to nothing left when bills are done.  I didn't think that my bead store brought me that much extra to live on, but it must have covered enough to keep me from being totally broke.  This sucks.  We've had to turn in the pocket change that we usually save in the coffee cans for vacation, and now my husband is considering cashing in his 'state quarters' that he so diligently saved for so long.  Sure wish these beads would start pulling their check from the art gallery again this month, and of course, not nearly the profit I was hoping for at the show last weekend. And I'm still really bummed that I wasn't able to get Etsy to work for me.  So many people are successful with that site - for some reason, I was not.  Even following some of the tips and tricks they suggested.  So anyway -  let's hope Sunday's market makes up for all of that.  Still trying to figure out where I'm going to get the $ for Saturday's jaunt - I need gas money, lunch money and bead money, not necessarily in that order, and also the $ for petty cash for Sunday.  May need to ask Mom for a loan....
So I am full of worry this week.  Worry about the dogs, my hubby (he is starting to feel his age and struggle with his physical job), our $ situation, my aging parents, Terry's aging parents, and anything else I can think of to worry about.  I have a feeling I will be having a few long, sleepless nights.  I'm just thankful that the 2nd degree burn I received on the sole of my foot yesterday (stray charcoal briquet) hasn't called for a trip to Redi-care.  It isn't stinging, or hurting, and I can walk on it.  Still blistery - and I'm being careful - so I hope I can continue to heal it on my own.
On the bright side - I've finished several 'Pin-dants' - which I need to photograph and get loaded on here!
They are bead embroidered pendants, with a brooch pin on the back, and also a loop at the top that can be strung on a ribbon or chain.  I am working on number 6 - and hope to have them all carded and priced and ready for market on Sunday.  And since I have no money to go anywhere and do anything this week - chances are good that I'll finish.  So that's a good thing, I think....
Peaceful, abundant beading to all, (someone's gotta be, if it isn't me)....

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