Monday, June 27, 2011


Thanks to the wonderful girls in the bead group, I've got funds again.  At least enough to pay a bill or two.  I decided to take a few (ok, 5 1/2) trays of beads to sell with me to group tonight.  I just explained that I'd had a bad weekend as far as sales, that I didn't expect them to buy, no pressure, just look if you want, and that everything was 50% off the price marked.  It worked!  Some bought, some didn't.  They all asked me to do it again in a few weeks.  OK!  And to think I couldn't get any of these ladies to buy from me when I had the store.  Of course - I'm sure it was the 50% off price that lured them, but still.  I can at least pay rent to Connie now.  Providing I haven't made that much this month.  I may have.  I haven't been there very much, and I know I've sold a few things - but I doubt that I will have sold enough to pay my rent.  We'll find out tomorrow....
Anyway, I thanked them all for contributing to 'the Sheryl fund'.  They were happy to help!
I've already starting working with a little bit of Saturday's stash - trying to work some silk ribbon in with some chain, Vintaj brass and verdigree stained findings, and a great PURPLE (of course) dragonfly focal.  It's not quite going like I'd hoped - I think I need more Vintaj!
Hopefully some photos tomorrow.... Working at Coyote, and then probably a free outdoor concert afterward.  Should be a beautiful day.  Visually, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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