Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chow Bella!

Try as we might, and promise each other as we did, that there would be no people food allowed for the girl - just 7 days in, Bella was treated to her first Sunday morning breakfast.  Somehow it came to be habit in our house that as we dished up our big Sunday morning breakfast, we always 'left' a little in the pans and bowls for the dog.  And somehow Zeus always knew that our trip to the kitchen after eating meant it was his turn.
So this morning was a big decision.  Zeus is patiently (or impatiently) waiting for his eggs and hashbrowns, but what do we do about the girl dog?  Hubby made the decision - Belly up to the bar!  We split the leftovers into two bowls, and sat back and counted the seconds it took them to devour it.  So much for no table scraps.  But she loved it.  What a happy girl....
And as I was making the big Sunday breakfast this morning, I realized that I hadn't seen our Bella in awhile.  Not in her spot by the back door, not in her other spot by the patio door.  Not behind the chair - not anywhere. 
I found her, along with her brother, ON the BED, getting belly rubs from my just waking husband.
It truly is a beautiful morning....for all of us!

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Robbie said...

AHHHHHH....makes me so happy!!! You can't beat a dogs love or a human's love for a dog!! What a nice Sunday habit to have started!