Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pricing jewelry? READ THIS!

Here is a link to a wonderfully written blog ('Handmade jewelry-ridiculously cheap' is the header)  regarding pricing ANYTHING handmade - it doesn't have to apply just to jewelry - although I believe most of her followers are jewelry and glass makers.  All I know is - nothing annoys me more than people commenting that they can 'make it cheaper', or someone wanting something - one of my HANDMADE creations - for next to nothing, because they don't understand, or maybe just don't CARE - about the work that goes into our ART.  I get a little testy when people refer to me as a crafter, too.  I am WAAAAAAY past crafter, peeps.  My work is Art Gallery, Museum and RUNWAY (yes, I had a piece worn on a model a few years ago) worthy.  THAT is art - and is worthy of every penny I ask for it.
So read this blog - and the subsequent comments.  It's very interesting, enlightening, and eye opening.

Peaceful beading,

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