Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Curve Appeal'

I didn't think it would all come together so soon.  I had the focal part finished a few days ago, but was able to sit down yesterday after my jaunt to Williamston, and the rest just seemed to complete itself.  That top 'frilly' section actually 'curves' a bit more when it's ON, forming a sort of S curve.  The black Chinese crystal focal was a gift from my bead friend Sharon, and is the first one I've ever seen drilled in that particular direction.  Wasn't easy to work with.  And you may be wondering about how the curve stays maintained?  WIRE.    Trip to Williamston with mom wasn't quite what I had hoped yesterday.  The greenhouse was great - I would have spent more time (and probably a lot more money) there, but it's not mom's thing - so I knew she wasn't really enjoying it.  I did manage to get two pretty hanging baskets of bright flowers for $4.99 each.  And they have lots - so I may go back again once I've got funds again.  I can hold out hope for a check from the gallery this month -  can't I?
Anyway - couldn't find the big antique mall - it must be off the beaten path, which was full of orange construction barrels and detours.  Wish I'd of had a heads up on that one.  So on to Okemos to Olive Garden for lunch, and then to Wally World and Hobby Lobby.  It was still nice to spend time together, which we'll probably start making a weekly habit of again this summer. 
Bella update:  she and Zeus are starting to really bond as friends.  They are playing with toys together now, and surprisingly, I found them lying next to each other last night, practically spooning, and quite pleased with themselves.  This dog mom so happy!  I'm listening to her chase rabbits in her sleep - she's quite happy with all the wuffs and ruffs.  Cutie.
Guess I should go try to catch a few more winks myself, but I don't think I'll be chasin' rabbits. 'Night all.  Peaceful beading....

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