Friday, June 24, 2011

Books, Books and more books

Did you know.....that I self published TWO books? 
Beading Zen....Finding yourself among your Beads is chock full of tips I've learned along the way, as well as information on beading from a metaphysical point of view - semi precious stones, use of Chakras, Goddess inspiration, and nature's influence, to name a few.  This was a labor of love that took over a year. No one even knew I was doing it except for Connie, the owner of Coyote Wisdom where I'm currently working and selling beads. She proof read the chapters, and gave me suggestions and encouragement when needed.   I just knew I wanted to do it, something was telling me I HAD to do it, so it was mostly for ME.  Finding a way to publish it was the hardest part.  Using Blurb was simple - they supply the FREE software with options for many different layouts, but unfortunately, getting the book noticed when done this way is practically impossible.  I have a few copies - both hard cover and soft cover that I had put away, but have begun taking it to the shows again this year.  Even if it's just a conversation piece - it's getting noticed.
Then, because creating Beading Zen was so much fun,  just a few months later, I chose to do My Life in Beads

which is more of a photo journal, and something that I used as a portfolio for awhile.  It, too, was more for ME, and contains photos of some of my favorite pieces, along with beautiful quotes, song lyrics and sayings I love.    The feeling of accomplishment was so great after doing these, that I have a THIRD book in the planning stages - with actual projects this time - but would like to find a different way to publish.  It will happen, when the time is right. 
And one more thing about those books - almost ALL of the photography for these books was done by my sister in law, Holly Mayes of Photos from the Heart photography.   At the time she was just getting started, and hadn't really worked with this medium before.  She is now a professional photographer in the area, specializing in some of the most unique and beautiful wedding photography I've ever seen.  Proud of you, girl!
So anyway, that's my little horn toot for today-for me, and for Holly!  I'm feeling much better, my head is clearer, and I may even be able to go out into the world today.  Actually I HAVE to go out into the world today to pick up a few things and head to the credit union before Sunday's Art Market.  I went through my previous inventory yesterday, pulled some things out, added some things in, and am once again ready to roll.  Now if I can just remember where I put those dang earring case keys....
Peaceful beading everyone!  I'll blog again after my road trip with the bead girls (all 4 Judy's are going) to bead shops in the Detroit area, and the Art Market on Sunday.  WISH ME LUCK!

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