Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday road trip!

Here's what's on PART of my bead table today.  I've decided not to give any more sneek peaks of my newest piece until it's complete.  (Facebook followers were the lucky peekers at the focal piece!)  The seed beads are from Fusion Beads, which have GREAT 10 gram mixes, in all the sizes.   And some Tila beads too, although I still haven't found (or better yet created) a unique pattern for them yet.  I just wanted to have several different colors on hand for when the bell rings in my head.  They're fairly new on the market, so not much is being done with them yet.  One of the WWB (Women Who Bead) group gals was working a cute bracelet with hers the other night.  One of these days I'll think of something.
And believe it or not, even after Saturday's fiasco of a show, I just send for information about doing ONE MORE this summer.  I know, crazy, right?  But instead of bringing me down and depressing me like it would have a few years ago, the situation made me so angry that I seem to want to PROVE that I can succeed at it even more.  It's a new feeling for me.  Anyway - the show I'm inquiring about is taking place in, and being sponsored by the merchants of - OLD TOWN.  Very artsy community.  I was in one of the galleries there, once.  I would like to be in one again - just not the same one.  So maybe this will give me an opportunity to meet with a few of them.  I know and have proved that my work is gallery worthy (not just beads on a string), I just have to sell MYSELF.  Much more difficult for lil' ole' me....
And as for the road trip - Mom and I will be heading for Williamston today.  The greenhouse there is having a $4.99 flat and basket sale, and they have some nice shops and boutiques there too - some of which I've always wanted to inquire at.  Lunch.  Leisure.  But maybe some rain.  Oh well.
And for you Bella watchers:  nothing really new.  She's getting along well, sleeping on the bed, pushing her new brother around, playing ball, cuddling.  So far just the perfect dog.  I'll try and get some new photos soon....
Until next time, peaceful beading,

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