Thursday, September 10, 2015


For those of you artists that do art fairs and shows - how far are you willing to go to do them?

Do you travel?  Do you go out of your local range?  Does the cost of gas/food/lodging factor into your bottom line?

I have never gone out of my 'comfort zone' of about 30 minutes from home before.  Especially for the outdoor fairs, that involve erecting the canopy, pounding stakes, hauling absolutely EVERYTHING to the site, and just general WORK.

I LOVE doing the the 'decorating part' - and in fact, probably go overboard when it comes to my displays, and the 'coordination' thereof.  But it's all the OTHER STUFF - that I've always been grateful to have help with-NEEDED to have help with.

Until now.

Coming up this weekend - I'm branching out.  On my own.  The logistics of having hubby go and keep himself busy all day, and having a dog at home that can't be left over night, and many other factors - have me doing this one solo.

And I'm scared to death.

Most of you don't know that about me -  I'm a big chicken.  Always have been.  It has always been hard for me to try new things, go places I've never been, assert myself.  BY MYSELF.  It just isn't 'me'.

So here goes.  Another big step to check off my list. BRAVERY.  And technically, I'm not really doing it alone - my two art fair besties - Jane and Claudia - have also been juried into this show, and are making the jaunt as well.  Jane is a seasoned art fair traveler - she'll even go as far as New York STATE to do art fairs.  But we all suffer from the same challenges when it comes to art fair set up.

So wish us luck.  Rockford Art in Garden Park in Rockford, MI (a suburb of Grand Rapids), on Saturday, September 12.   9am (why do the big shows insist on starting so dang early?) to 5pm.

And do a little NO RAIN DANCE for us too, will ya?

Peaceful beading,

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