Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 16!!!!

From Cool Moon Creations!

I have a feeling of fresh new energy, and am already coming up with fresh new plans and ideas - I hope some of them at least, will appeal and excite you!  Among a few of the plans - another venture into Bead Soup!  And hopefully, nervously, into a few more contests too.

I've already removed the Jewelry and Event pages from the blog.  Since my events are largely local, there is little need of them on the blog - my local peeps can get all that from Facebook.  There is a link to Facebook on the sidebar, just in case you'd like to know, too.
As far as the jewelry - you'll start seeing a featured piece or two a week - always with the link to Facebook - where there will be even more.  Watch for it in coming days -  still need to get some things photographed and ready.  Besides - Mercury goes retrograde TOMORROW.... anything could happen.

Not sure what the best solution is for online sales - so still dabbling - and babbling - for now.

I hope you are having a wonderful, beadiful new year already, and will help me in spreading nothing but love and good cheer throughout the new year....

As always,
Peaceful beading,


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