Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A new season

And so it begins.    SATURDAY is the kick off of what I hope will be a kick ASS season of shows.

Because it's the last gasp.   It's do or die.  I MUST SURVIVE.

I have some fun opportunities on the horizon (a night time market with prizes for unique lighting and display, etc), and out of town ones too - so I'm stepping up my ego, putting the question out there for HELP.   Which is hard for me.  But without my own transportation and helper (hubby not available for night time or out of town experiences) I am going to be left in the dust.

I HOPE I can find a fun, upbeat, HAPPY person with a creative mind to join me.

Wish me luck.

Peaceful beading,

1 comment:

Robbie said...

Good luck!!!! Keep positive thoughts!!!