Friday, October 17, 2008

The big "49"

Well, today's the day. 49. Yikes. So Happy B-day to me. I thought I would freak more being 49. But maybe the big freak will be next year - on the big 5-0. I heard an interesting comment on my soap opera of all places yesterday - but it sure rang true with me...
"The body may be "getting older", but in my mind I'm still 29". Yep. I could hardly move when I got out of bed this morning - getting that bum leg to cooperate in the morning is a b%@#. But my mind says - Hey, YAY, it's our birthday. Let's go play! So while I'm out at the salon, and the library, and shopping (just a few of my favorite things) - I'll be pretending I'm 29, forgetting about the aches and pains (a little ibuprofen may also help) - and having a great day!

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