Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let's try this again

I had a feeling when I started this newfangled blog thing that I would not do it everyday. Or even every week. Turns out - I didn't even do it every MONTH! Last post my birthday. Life has passed me by for an entire 6 weeks. Things happened, new presidents were elected, went places, did stuff. Yippee.
I am now officially IN for the East Lansing Public Art Gallery Exhibition in May 2009. Toot. My. Horn. It was a rather confusing road - but I'm hoping ultimately a profitable one. I think I'll be able to put some fairly high prices on some of the pieces. I'll have to see what the "market" is like come April or so. In the process of purchasing as many "shadowbox" frames as possible at as low a price as possible. That is how I will display many of my pieces. Hoping to come up with some unique accents that are easily attached inside as well. I've begun to create my newest detailed work - called 'The Exhibition' - just for the show. Lots and lots of riotous color - sorta like me. Vintage lucite. Silk flower petals. And lots and lots of seed bead flowers and roping. Lots of hours of work ahead - just the way I like it. I like coming up the complicated ones sometimes - I get so into them though - that I don't pay attention to who's around me - and miss customers sometimes. Maybe I should hang a sign on myself - shake if you need help!
Switching topic - or maybe I should just start a new post - wide awake at 3 am AGAIN. I've noticed a coorelation between my alcohol consumption and my sleep patterns. My mind also races more in the middle of the night too, for some reason. My latest "race" - my new boots. I all of a sudden got in my head that they weren't BOOTS at all - but SLIPPERS. And I've been wearing them EVERYWHERE for about 4 days! How embarrassing IF that were the case. I finally couldn't take the suspense and humiliation any longer and got on line to the Gitano/Fashion Bug site. Whew. They are indeed boots. Which makes sense since they were originally about 50 bucks. Who would pay 50 bucks for slippers? But the bottom of them is really weird - not an outdoor sole - but a soft, fuzzy slipper like sole. Which I just noticed last night. I'll have to be careful about wearing them out in bad weather - which so defeats the purpose of my warm, cozy, fur lined perfectly form fitting BOOTS. Yeah, boots.
Let's hope this blog thing catches on for me. You'd think since I love to write, and have been working on completing the book that I hope at least someone will want to buy (I'll get a few copies to sell in the shop - see what happens). Should have it done by January-ish.
Tata for now. Off to dreamland (I hope).....

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