Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Am I doing wrong?

Ok. Every time I do a jewelry show, I say it's the last one because I make little or no money. But dang if I don't go and do it again, and sure enough - little or no money.
I'm not sure why the ones I do at Coyote have NO interest what so ever. My pieces are very metaphysical in nature. Goddesses, unicorns, semi precious beads. They don't even want to look. The customers have tunnel vision for that reading or class, I guess. It's a bummer though, to go through all the work of tagging and packing and hauling and dragging, and then sit there for 3 hours and have NO sales. It was basically a one person personal show for my friend Carole - who put a couple of things on hold - but didn't buy right yet either. I was really counting on the extra cash this month. I sure hope I can count on the 50 bucks that Haze Gallery owes me. I have a feeling they'll find a contract loophole - just from the way they run things - they're not gonna wanna give up that money so easy. But I followed ALL the rules - so they better not make me beg.
On a totally different subject (I seem to have a knack for that - a blog within a blog) I am very pleased with my decision to scale back my Christmas decorating this year. My new tree is only 4 .5 feet high - I decorated it in ONLY my irridescent white and glass snowflake ornaments. With the white lights - my hubby says it could have been decorated by a professional. Thanks. I THINK.
A blog within a blog within a blog......I've decided to make a New Year's Resolution this year. I usually don't - everyone making promises to themselves that 99% of them don't keep - but I've "resolved" to write in this blog at LEAST 4 days a week. (well, ok. Realistically - maybe only 3) But not gonna plan on everyday, cuz afterall I do have somewhat of a life (or not - giving me nothing to write about!). But I should be able to find 3 or 4 days worth of blog worthy drivvle....(is that even a word?) Even if it's just about the dog.....
TTFN The Babbling Beader

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