Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping my resolution

Well, sorta. I've been trying to at least do once a week during this busy, SNOWY time of year. Can it snow ONE MORE TIME? Honestly. I've been driving for 30 years - and I gotta tell ya - I still hate it. Hubby is taking me today, because I get so stressed out driving when it's snowy and slippery. And I HAVE to go today - I'm bringing the FOOD! If this week has been any indication of the winter to come - this is not going to be fun.
The gifts are bought and wrapped, the cooking and baking will begin when I get home tonight.
I still don't have much Christmas spirit - and can't wait for this whole holiday business to be done. BUT - on a good holiday business note - it sounds like things picked up at the shop. I'm not sure why it is that people seem to shop more when I'm not there - I can sit there for hours some days with either NO ONE, or "just looking, thanks" about a million times. I don't like leaving my shop unattended on a regular basis - but for some reason - my shoppers appreciate it when I do. So - Do I smell, or offend in some way? I definitely don't push or give the hard sell when I am there. Are people just put off by my appearance or what? I guess it shouldn't matter - at least I'm SELLING. There or not.
Well, better go get on with my snowy yucky day. It will be fun though - everyone will be gathering to give Ann & Penni their gifts.
Merry Holidays everyone!

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