Monday, December 15, 2008


Finally got to drive the sweet ride today. All was well - until I tried to leave the mall. Key wouldn't turn. Steering wheel locked. Crazy. Had to have the boys come and help. I hate when that happens. Dad tried it a couple times, and then like magic - it starts right up. Crazy. Some sort of "security system" glitch. Yah, well - next time I drive it (danged if I'll let IT win) I'm removing the keyless entry box and just using the key. No buttons. No worries.
Family drama evolving around Christmas Eve. Kids grow up. Kids get married. Kids have other obligations. Moms can't understand why kids won't (or can't) change new obligations so that tradition doesn't have to be changed. And then there's the ever dramatic Elizabeth. Don't get me started. SOOOOOOO glad I don't have to play that game. Well - I sort of do - because it trickles down into my space, but my OWN kids? With their own drama? Nevah.....nevah, nevah, nevah!
Book's almost ready to publish. I'm still tweaking. April 1 is my deadline. I'm up to 40 pages now. Doesn't sound like much -but for a small book - it'll be just fine. The pictures are awesome. The ones Holly took especially (Amber on Buddha kicks ASS) - because they fit right into the space provided without me having to adjust them. How DOES she do that? Have to come up with some fresh text though. Maybe some sort of beading drama will unfold that I can be of service with, and then share the experience. Hmmm....
TTFN. Sure wish someone would start READING these blogs. Maybe once I link it to my website....

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