Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pleasant surprises

Two of them, actually.  The first was finding out, after spending every other Monday plus road trip time with the WWB (Women Who Bead-I know, pretty original and hip, right?) bead group - that I SHARE my birthdate with one of them!  And it's the one that I carpool with almost every time.  I can't believe the subject never came up before!  I knew there was a reason we liked hanging out together!
The second one was the practically instantaneous response I got from the art gallery I inquired at today.  I've shown/sold there before, a couple years ago, when it was on a different street, and owned by a different person.  I stopped in today to just scope it out, see what was what, etc.  LOTS of jewelry.  So much that I never expected to hear from them-I figured they'd just put me on a waiting list.  So I was surprised to hear from them, asking me to set up a time for bringing in pieces for them to jury.  So it looks pretty likely (I have a few questions for THEM before I sign another contract), that I will be in yet another location before the month is out.  Which is probably just as well - because I'll probably be losing one of them, or at least a major portion of it, by years end.  The owner of the bookstore (Coyote Wisdom) and I talked today about the fact that the beads I have there just haven't been selling or even been paid attention to as much as we thought they would be.  We're both a little bummed about it - but we decided to give it another month - get through the class I have planned at the end of this month, and then downsize the beads significantly, and then after the holidays - just go back to jewelry only, on a much smaller scale.  So still not quite sure what to do with all these beads.  I'm hoping my holiday home open house/show/sale in November will put a big dent in the inventory I have left.  And then there's my friend Sally's idea - she thinks a small boutique/bead store in the area that always seems to be sparse on their inventory MAY be interested in purchasing some of it.  MAYBE.  BIG BIG MAYBE.  Still have to check out that possibility - I don't have a good gut vibe about it, so I'm still procrastinating on checking them out.  I do, however, have a good gut feeling about my second go round at the Old Town gallery (now Great Lakes Artworks).  We shall see come Friday when I go pick up my work.....
So here I go again, giving myself MORE responsibility, another place I have to commit to, another inventory of jewelry to keep track of.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?  Simply because if I don't have my name and my things out there, especially now that show season is done for me, I'll never sell any of these boxes and trays full of jewelry pieces.  Now if I could just sell the beads, too.....I know, I know - website.  It'll come one of these days.  But once I get it set up, that means putting numerous items out there for sale, monitoring, updating, and completing sales requests.  Does it sound like I've got time for all that?  Not at the moment I don't.
Looking forward to a fun rest of the week - beautiful, warm, sunny days are expected through Sunday (what most people around here refer to as "Indian Summer" whatever that means), and a trip to Bead Bonanza - a bead show put on by and for Great Lakes Bead Guild members.  Haven't gone in a couple years - I hope I don't get too carried away.  ha.  Ha.  ha.
Check back tomorrow for Bead Table stuff on the table.  I've got the snaps now that I needed for Alaskan Moonlight, so I just need to find time to finish it up.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  Someway.
Peaceful beading,


Beadwoman3 said...

Purple Sage buys bead collections sometimes! You could try talking to Sara(one of the owners) and see if shes interested...she likes to try and trade for store credit more then anything, but is sometimes willing to pay cash if you have good stuff!

coolmoon said...

Gretchen - I used to have STORE, so I have lots of stuff - mainly semiprecious. It's nice stuff, too, mostly from GLW or wholesalers. I'm going to wait until after my holiday open house, where I'll be offering it to all my peeps and their peeps and their peeps peeps - but after the first of the year, I may check with them. Thanks for lettin' me know!