Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s not soup yet

Most of you probably already know that Lori has postponed the second and third reveals of the soups.  Poor Lori.  Let’s all send her lots of white healing light and a big group hug!   So anyway – it’ll be another week before you’ll see all SIX of the things I’ve created from my ingredients from Pat Haight of The Wigglebutt Blog.

In the meantime – while I’m eagerly waiting and taking more time to hop through the first reveal entrees – I’m also prepping for all the classes I’ve got lined up. And a show.  I have always loved to teach people to bead, and have been told I’m pretty good at it.  I tried to get several classes going when I had the shop, but the location and space was not ideal.  I did some simple classes through the bookstore too, with limited success – but again – the space is not ideal.  Little did I know that spirit was brewing up even more exciting ways for me to teach – and I’m now officially a part of the Holt School District Adult Enrichment class staff!   And then along came SmittenDust at totally the perfect time.  So even though I still plan to do as many shows as I can this summer – probably at least one a month – my gears are now churning in the teaching mode.  Coming up with simple techniques, combined with original designs using those techniques, and kitting and writing instructions.  It’s a LOT of work that I hope pays off in a big way.

Be Mine Fringe Bracelet.jpg

Class coming soon to SmittenDust Studio

I have a feeling THIS, the teaching thing, is what I’m meant to do with my bead knowledge.  And I like it. 
Mariposa is officially off to FMG for decision.  I don’t know how long it will take them to decide who’s in and who’s out – but the deadline isn’t til end of May – so until then, she just graces and watches over my bead space.  Open-mouthed smile
I also have a new addition to my little corner of the dining room aka my beading space – a light box!  My hubby made it!  I like that I can just spin around in my chair, flip on the lights- grab the camera and click.  Photo of whatever it is I’ve just made.  And it helps for step by step instruction photo taking too – it’s how I’ve chosen to do my illustrations for my classes – step by step photos of the project.  So this is quite handy dandy!

I hope that spring has finally sprung wherever you are.  It’s a pretty and somewhat warm day here – with raking away of mulch and leaves revealing many surprises – hostas, daylilies, bleeding hearts.  It’s really happening.  Finally.  I cannot WAIT to see what my garden will bloom with this year.
My garden and my beads are my summer highlights.  Be sure you stop back often for what’s sure to be delightful revelation of the beauty as it unfolds.
DSC04480Last year’s bounty….

Peaceful springtime beading,

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Marcia DeCoster said...

Does sound like teaching will suit you beautifully. It is a lot of work, but also rewarding. Good luck.