Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stop n go

Or is it go and stop?  That’s pretty much how everything’s been presenting itself lately – it was go, go, go for The Bead Soup Blog Party – then STOP.  We need to postpone for a week.  It was go, go, go preparing my samples and instructions for my upcoming classes with HAE, then STOP.  Dang, I ran out of beads for one of them (it sure looked like there were enough in that tube).  Not to mention our lovely weather.  Go!  It’s a beautiful day.  STOP!  It’s cold and nasty.  Like I said.  Seems to be the story of my life.
traffic light

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So while I’m slowing down for that yellow caution light, waiting for life to give me the GO! for longer than a hot minute – I’m still dabbling.  I’ve downloaded some fun technique patterns from some Etsy sellers, and will soon have some new designs to show for it.  I’ve got time on my hands to play – but not necessarily the energy to think out and plan or implement elaborate embroidery pieces.  Simple is best right now, so this was my simple design from yesterday.  I think it turned out quite well, and I will definitely be selling this one as a set – $40.00.
Full Metal Khaki.jpg

I also find that slow time is a good time to make repairs.  I don’t particularly LIKE doing repairs.  Ok.  Wait.  That’s an understatement.  I hate them.  Hence the reason I’ve got a box full of my own pieces that need it.  But when it’s a piece that I’ve sold to a customer – I try to get them done as quickly as I can.  Yesterday provided me that opportunity – and it’s only been 2 weeks since she gave it to me. 

Cheryls Ocean Bracelet.jpg

This is an OLD bracelet, simply strung, some really cool ocean jasper ovals, sterling silver and some little labradorite buttons.  I made this a LOOOOOONG time ago, before I even had the shop.  Finally – it sold a month or two ago.  She had broken it (thank goodness it wasn’t a design flaw) and managed to retain all the pieces and parts.  It has now been restrung, using all the latest findings (wire guards) and better stringing material (nothing but SoftFlex .14 for me, baby).  And it is whole again….

So glad to see so much green outside.  Still holding my breath a bit – Michigan weather can be dicey this time of year.  But it’s coming.  I can feel it each time I open a door, and SMELL it when it rains.  Spring.  New beginnings, new growth, new opportunities (yep, another one – more info when I have sealed the deal), new IDEAS.  You might call it a NEW COOL MOON.

Be sure to stop back on Saturday for the big reveal of my Soup pieces! 
Peaceful beading,

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