Saturday, January 25, 2014

The end of blogging as I know it

Well, rats.  What sense does it make to UNOFFER things that were working on Blogger in the past?  You may have noticed all my fonts, colors and FUN stuff has gone away.  Thanks, Google.  And I will never be able to update, change, or delete ANY of the sidebar links - unless I want to start a whole new blog from scratch.  Make sense?  NO.  Reality.  Unfortunately - YES.
I guess what you see is what you get until I get frustrated enough to kick them to the curb.  Which will mean new business cards, blog name, blog host, etc.  What. A. Pain.

ANYWAY  - on a HAPPY note - despite our snowy landscape, we ventured the 40+ miles to Owosso to the gallery today.  Not only did they happily take all 15 pieces I took to offer, but they KEPT the 15 they currently have on display.  YAY!  Let's hope we have some exciting sales and excited customers.
Now if only I could find that kind of enthusiasm for my work closer to home.

Looking forward to a fun day of beading woman company tomorrow - we're switching our regular Monday night bead group to SUNDAY AFTERNOONS for a bit - mainly so we can see where we're driving, walking, parking, etc.  The snow just doesn't want to quit....

So until I have some exciting, fun, and happy news to announce on my now boring blah blah blog -
Peaceful beading,

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