Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a bit of babble

Not really much worth blogging about today.  It's a rare SUNNY day here in Michigan, so errands were easily run and accomplished.  Now comes TWO tasks at home that I've been dreading - taking an inventory of unsold goods (the beads are the hard part), and getting the paperwork in piles for including in the taxes.  I think I know exactly ONE person who enjoys doing those tasks.  It's always fun to procrastinate and find OTHER things to fill my day.  I could easily do so a bit more this week:  another task, though not so dreaded - is getting that extra living space that we've never used turned into a workable, functional space for classes, bead group gathering, photo taking and just plain bead related STUFF.   So watch the blog and FB for photos of my before and after transformation - I've only just begun!

Still trying to decide if I want to take part in this year's Bead Soup Blog Challenge.  I had written a previous post about 'sitting it out' because the design elements of my blog weren't working properly.  Now that the glitch seems to have been fixed - well, I have 6 days to decide.  Sign up is SUNDAY.

I may also be participating in another challenge this spring - something new that I'm taking on involving ZNet shows.  I haven't worked with them or their products yet - so time will tell if it will be a good venture.

And oh - I may not have posted since THIS happened:  I SOLD THIS PIECE on ETSY on Saturday!  HOORAY!

It's winging it's way to North Carolina as we speak!  I hope the new owner enjoys it.  Those leaves gave me fits! But it was SOOOOO worth it!

Make your Monday a good day!  Mine will be filled with Downton Abbey, functional furniture, food and the newest Lisa Scottoline novel!  And probably a bit of that dreaded paperwork, too.....

Peaceful beading,

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