Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just a quickie

Well rats!  I wanted to have that giveaway contest to coincide with reaching the 26,000 visitors mark.  I MISSED IT!  I guess it's a GOOD thing that people seem to be stopping by, even more now than ever before - but now I have to come up with another plan.  As soon as I'm done with my ZNet challenge, I'll work harder on getting that ready for you all.  Maybe it will simply be to coincide with SPPPPPRRRRING!  I don't think there's one person that lives in a winter climate that isn't looking forward to spring this year.  I'm so done with snow....and so are they!

(No, Zeus doesn't have an ear issue.  It's the reflection of the lamp in the patio door glass!)

All of my ZNet designs revolve around the spring theme - so just playing with this bright and happy color scheme is keeping me warm and toasty...

I've done so much with them so far - that I'm actually putting down the beading needle and heading out of town for the day - there's a "Garage Sale Art Fair" going on in Kalamazoo today - artists such as myself, as well as painters, sculptors, all sorts of art forms - destashing their WORK at garage sale prices!  Not sure I'll be actually purchasing any art, but it will be fun to go, be OUT and about for a change, spend time with fellow artists and friends.  GIRLS DAY OUT!  YAHOOOO!  I am hoping to get my hands on some found objects and items that can be upcycled into cool new designs... so stay tuned.  You never know where my designs will go from here....ME NEITHER!  And watch for the ZNet Challenge reveal in a few weeks too. My deadline is next weekend - plenty of time to squeeze in another design or two!  Until then....

Peaceful beading,

And P.S.  I also meant to blog (and brag, sorry) about Mariposa again - I still, STILL cannot believe that I placed as a fnalist in FMG's seed bead contest.  The satisfaction, the pride of seeing MY necklace on one of their models, and appearing in their gallery of designs.  Well.  I'm crossing that one off the bucket list, for sure.  An accomplishment.  DONE.  YAY ME!


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