Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Butter-blog :)

Just like many other places in the country, it's spring break week here in Michigan!  So today my mother in law and I grabbed my 10 year old great niece drove up to Grand Rapids to meet up with another niece and her 5 kids for a day at Meijer Gardens.  Their Butterflies in Bloom exhibit is very popular, and I've ALWAYS wanted to go.  Today I found out why it's so popular.  It. Is. AWESOME.  So many butterflies flitting and floating, and landing sometimes right on your shoulder, or your finger - or even, I would imagine, your nose. 

 I couldn't believe that this one in particular - a Swallowtail of some variety, according to my guidebook - sat still for me (as well as several other folks lucky enough to be in the right little cove at the right time). 

Here's the kiddoes - they grow so FAST!

There are literally 100's of butterflies all over inside this beautiful facility; there was no way to capture very many at one time.  Constant fluttering....

So fun to spend the day with family; don't get to see them often enough.  It was just a wonderful day - warm weather (the FIRST we've had this spring), and no traffic issues.  And if that wasn't enough- came home to a wonderful gallery commission check!  YAY!  What an AWESOME DAY!

Oh, and I probably should mention that I'll be participating in another one of  ZNetShows challenges next month, too!  So stay tuned for the post about what is sure to be another generous pile of beads from them to work with, and then - probably sometime in early to mid June - the REVEAL.
Hope you're finding some awesome in YOUR day too!

Peaceful beading,

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Robbie said...

Hard to believe the snow is all gone in Michigan! We're not heading back until 1st week in May....Meijer Gardens is a great place to visit. Enjoy the rest of spring break!