Saturday, May 3, 2014

A week of UPS...and downs

What a week.  Big drama in my life.  Major vehicle issues.  A death.  Continuing medical issues for a close family member.  BUT, AND, of course - beads.  The great equalizer of my life.  They were there for me during all but the saddest of days, when I learned a close friend had lost her husband.

Not even the beads could console me that day.  Which happened to be the same day the Jeep died.  15 miles from home.   Ironically, cooincidentally, what ever you want to call it - the problem was the fuel pump. The SAME thing that went wrong with my poor car exactly one year ago this week.  It was like the Universe's way of saying 'you're not getting out of this challenge THAT easy.".  Ok then.  2 days and hundreds of well earned dollars later, we're rolling along again.....

And then came the GOOD stuff. 

 The beads.  The current magazine issues.  One of the long awaited credit card readers for my phone.  (The other is STILL MIA). New selling ventures. The good news emails about summer festivals and challenges.  I actually received the beads for the ZNetShows Summer Challenge before Hope had a chance to send me the email info!   Aren't they beautiful?  I already have one piece done, and am working on the second.  Not making as many this time, as the time allowed is shorter, as well as my schedule.  So they will be QUALITY but not so much quantity this time.  Still fun.  Can't wait to show you the reveal in early July!
I also have that new selling venture to announce.  The Facebook business page Alabama General Store (not sure how to link it - just put Alabama General Store in your FB search - pops right up!).  Although the name makes you think they're selling work from Alabama, they actually have members from all over the nation.  Look for my little store - Cool Moon Creations beaded jewelry - on both the main page and in the jewelry department.  All that's needed to purchase from me there is a Paypal account. Easy.  Peasy.  They say they have a HUGE following, and that many of the members experience good sales - so time will tell.   Wish me luck!

And I almost forgot to mention - although I had few customers come to my Celebration on Sunday - I did very well THANKS to the Square.  Ingenious little gadget and phone app.  The creator deserves a big huge kiss!  I am hoping that little gadget will increase my summer show sales too! MMMWWWWAAA!

Peaceful beading,


CraftyHope said...

Oh, the beads you got are just dreamy! What fun you'll have creating with that selection!

baymoondesign said...

I am sorry to hear your problems. I know your new beads will help bring some joy to you.