Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HELLLLO summer!

Hey there!  Did you miss me?  So sorry I haven't made more of a presence here on the blog - I plan to fix that and hope to get back to at LEAST weekly blogging very soon.  You will notice that I'm again ADDING a page of jewelry items that ARE for sale - you can either pay by PayPal, or contact me regarding other options.  I will include email information on the jewelry page.
So.  Now that business is out of the way - how's tricks, kids?  I hope everyone is having a grand summer.   My yard is simply magical this year - hummingbirds, dragonflies, unexpected blossoming.  Here's a bit of eye candy - beauty that I get to observe every day!  How can anyone have a bad day when looking at this?

Pretty awesome, huh?

It's hard to be inside concentrating on new designs when there is such beauty just outside my door....

 But I HAVE been concentrating, especially on the new Enlightened Denim pieces.  They haven't been wildly popular at SHOWS yet - but my local peeps and awesome relatives have been eating them up!  I will be creating a few more  (rain rain, you don't have to go away today), some that will be specifically for THIS blog's jewelry page, and some for my Alabama General Store album.  If you haven't check it out - head over to Facebook, search for "Alabama General Store", and then look in the jewelry section for Cool Moon Creations.  BRAND new items will be added beginning end of this week - so it's worth a look!  AND a purchase!

I also hope to be able to blog SOON about our ZNetShows Summer Challenge!  I really want to be able to show them off - and then add them to my summer inventory!  SO COOL!
My show schedule is hot and heavy this summer too!  I've got two under my belt (not counting the two I did in March and April), and now have a few weeks to relax and enjoy summer before I do THREE in a row!  Glutton for punishment, I KNOW!  And the next one is going to be my most prestigious show so far -  Williamston Art in the Park on July 26.  Very high end, juried show in a VERY high price area.  Always wanted to do it.  This is my year.  I've also always attended - but never even thought I could do the Grand Ledge Island Art fair.  It's the very NEXT weekend - the application fee has been mailed.  With a second Sunday market date in between those two - can you say WHEEEEW?!  I will need a vacation!  And hopefully to create LOTS of new inventory!
Here's what my table looked like at LAST Sunday's market, our first of the season:

It was a BEAUTIFUL day - great temps, no breeze (which can sometimes wreak havoc with a nice display), and LOTS of customers.  I was a happy camper!

Hope your summer is filled with magic and fun!
Be sure to check out the jewelry page - I'll try to add a few more photos regularly.  Hard to do with so many show coming up - so I guess that means I just have to make NEW!  LOL!
Peaceful beading,

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Lori Anderson said...

I think it's great you came up with Enlightened Denim and it's been a success. Only once in my career have I come up with a concept line that worked. I can't figure out what to do other than OOAK and that is often a crap shoot as to whether they'll like it or not.