Thursday, June 26, 2014

The lure of the bead

Do your beads call to you?  Do you just get sucked in by the energies of the semi-precious stones, the feel of the different finishes and shapes?  The trays.  The drawers.  The boxes.... It's the lure of the bead.....

It happened to me this morning.  Instead of my usual quiet time with hazelnut coffee and a book or puzzle, I found myself being called to the bead table - not just to put together a project for my afternoon bead date, but for MORE.  For sorting, and digging, and finding all kinds of wonderful surprises.  THIS is just one result of my morning bead time:

"Rouge Wrap"

These were pieces and parts left over from last winter's "LaFleur Rouge" Necklace, my Downton Abbey vintage inspired piece.  The sections were done with bits and parts of Nancy Dale's "Summertime Wrap" bracelet - my very favorite tutorial EVER!  (I intended to link you Nancy's website, but there seems to be an issue with it right now), and also some freeform peyote leaves.  I ultimately decided they didn't work in the necklace, so into the 'leftover' box they went.

Today, I started to tear the strands apart, to return them to idea making stage.  BUT - the pieces had another idea in mind.  They ended up laid end to end on my table - which gave them the look of a really long, sleek bracelet.  LIGHTBULBS!   

 (Yes, these are Christmas bulbs.  But you get the IDEA).  :)

Just a few added silver 15's, a button (just so happens the same button that had been in the project box to be used with the piece that I had already put away), and Voila!   It fits MY wrist perfectly, so I may need to keep this unintended cool piece for myself.  But since I don't really wear a lot of red (ok, really only during holidays of Christmas and Valentines) I'd rather it find a new wrist to call home.
SO - it, along with "La Fleur Rouge" will be available in the Alabama General Store come July.  I'm getting things organized, watermarked, and inventoried.  Look for brand new pieces early next week!

I also completed another cool "Enlightened Denim" set just for AGS:

Denim and Paisley.  You'll have to check Alabama General Store for the price and details!

I may add a piece or two to the blog Jewelry page here, too at some point - so be sure you check for occasional changes and additions.

Well.  Off to play with more surprise finds from this morning, and looking forward to my bead date with my friend Sharon Erwine this afternoon.  She was a part of my start on my bead store journey, and although I no longer have the store, we've remained friends since that time.  She learned to LOVE the seed bead as much as I, (as you can see by the beautiful kits and patterns available on her website), but she really is an accomplished knitter, so we still get together when we can - she knits.  I bead.  She's moving away from me permanently soon.  My little beady world is getting just a bit smaller...and sadder.  sniff. sniff.

Go hug your beads, girls.  And a beady friend too, if you have one.  Life. Is. Short.
Peaceful beading,

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