Thursday, September 4, 2014

The big wind down

I'm getting a little apprehensive - and little nervous - heck - downright scared - about the end of show season.   I've had a great summer.  Better than great.  Fantastic.  Better than Fantastic. STUPENDOUS.  Every show I've done has brought in happy customers, opportunity and most importantly -
 Not to mention all the FREE stuff that's come my way (see the info regarding the FB giveaway below)
Now that I'm almost done (3 more this month-I added a last minute show that  you can find out about on my event page), and the biggy 3 day here in November, I am already splitting brain cells between actual beading and figuring out what where and how best to distribute my wares over the winter months.  I still need to bring in money, and winter months are not conducive to art fairs and show in Michigan.  Hmmm.  Wonder why.....

I've done the Etsy thing.  Not going back.  Website.  Too much hassle.  I WILL add some pieces to the jewelry page on this blog as soon as September shows are done - but honestly - I don't think I get that many serious readers and followers that are interested in purchasing from me here.

I've done Alabama General Store - and it's a great thing.  But I noticed as time went on that it was geared very, very much toward those that could CUSTOMIZE their art.  I can.  Sort of.  But not enough to merit much traffic.  I still have my store open there - but admittedly - there's only one thing in it.  That can be ordered in any color you want.  So there is that.

So what to do.   Ideas are churning.  The brain cells are burning....

I will also remain at my beloved Shiawassee Art Gallery, even though they are 40 miles ONE WAY away from me.  So winter time change out is a P.A.I.N.  Big time.  Still.  They love me.  I love them.  We work it out.  I honestly wish Lansing had a gallery that I felt I wanted to sell in.  Any that I have talked to (or been a part of in the past) have either turned me away (what on earth for I will never know), or have gone under-many times taking the work of the hard working artists with them.  So glad I didn't have to deal with that.

Still pondering.  And lucky you.
You get to read me babbling about it in my blog.  Yay you.

Don't forget to head over to my Cool Moon Creations & Beads FB page for the Pay It Forward contest.  I had hoped for a bit more interest in that too.  FREEBIES.  Who doesn't love them?

And on a completely unrelated to beads note (who'da thunk it?)  -  I am a fan of Jamberry Nail Wraps.  My niece is a rep.  I am trying to HOSTESS an online party.  I posted a link and info on my FB page - but I'll have to make you a member (temporarily for just another week) if you want to order.  Message me at if you want to experience the fun of Jamberry too.  for all the info BUT if you want to order - MESSAGE ME!

Well. I've sufficiently bored you while churning a few more ideas around in my brain.  That's enough for one night.
Peaceful beading,

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Lori Anderson said...

My friend Lisa sells Jamberry, and while my fingernails are always a short mess, I love doing up my toes. Fun!