Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cleaning the castle

When I was a kid, Cinderella was my favorite movie.

Maybe I identify with that movie - because I would much rather dance with a prince than CLEAN anything.  Just not my favorite thing.

Which is what makes participating in this big 3 day home to home holiday show such a stressful experience beforehand.   

I just hate housework.  Spiders need homes.  Dustbunnies do too.    

This cartoon was perfect for depicting our vacuum - which is not just loud, but also decides to pop open and deposit all the yuck you just swept up right back on the floor again.
EVIL.   No wonder the dogs run and hide.

But clean I must.  The show must go on...

Here is a peak at shows past....
The holiday table - holiday jewelry, ornaments and sparkle

This one was before I asked my friend Tracy to join in the fun.  She now occupies this space with her beautiful linens, pillows, and vintage Christmas treasures.  I also have 2 other girls joining in - sharing the family room space in the back of the house - so there are FOUR of us to share the fun and the wealth!

Last but not least - here's a big pile of LOVE for all you bead loving followers!  I love Bead Haven.  And as much as I manage to spend every time I go, I bet Bead Haven loves ME!

Peaceful beading,

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