Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mother Nature (and the twins) pay a visit

Whew.  I'm glad that's over.  I can't believe that it's been a WEEK since our annual Holiday Craft Show here in Holt.  Still in the process of putting the house back together, and making room for the Christmas-ing...Our sales weren't nearly as good as in years past, thanks to the little tiff between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter, who dumped about 4 inches of snow on us the night BEFORE the show, making travel difficult for the first few hours of the day on Thursday.  Then they decided once wasn't enough - and added ICE to that on SATURDAY morning - typically one of our busiest times.

Despite the snow and blow on Thursday, though, it seemed to be our busiest day.  It certainly was MY favorite day, because it included a visit from our favorite returning customers - "THE TWINS and DEEDEE".  Sounds like a music group or something, right?
The twins are Sammi and Andrea - first friends with my vendor friend Tracy, and now, as the years have passed, with me too.  They are young college coeds, who both work as bartenders at the same popular eatery in town.  They even have a 'twin bartender night', filling the place and having a blast!
The DeeDee part is their beloved aunt, who seems to follow them everywhere.  She calls them 'my beauties', and together that trio is an absolute HAPPY bubble of fun.  You can't help but laugh when they're around.  They just have that THING about them that throws off positive vibes everywhere they go.
So happy they love us, and keep coming back every year.

All in all - it was fun, and I'm happy with my profit.   We all laughed and ate, and shared stories.  
Girl time, done differently!

Here's a few shots of the house at it's Holiday Sampler show best:

The sun came out for just a bit on Friday; I wish I could say the same for the people. :(  Sadly, Friday was our slowest day - and the day that ALL THREE of my vendors were available to greet customers.  You just never know how to plan for those crowds...

My holiday jewelry and ornament display....

The front porch.  Tracy does good vintage.....

Judy upcycles old sweaters into new accessories: hats, 'texting' gloves, and more.

Michelle offered delicious soy candles.  The chocolate 'flavor' was the most popular! Could be because we had one burning in the kitchen for everyone to smell!

Now on with the rest of the SHOW - decorating for Christmas, AND creating my piece for NEXT SATURDAY'S "Bead Hoarders Blog Hop".  I have a bit different hoarding story to tell - some of you may have an inkling of what it might be if you've been following and reading the blog this year.
Be sure you stop back next Saturday for the reveal....
Off to enjoy a somewhat warmer day, and enjoy the company of relatives from out of town. THEN
Venison lasagna for dinner.
Life is good.
Peaceful beading,

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