Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Battle time!

Here's the link for ROUND TWO of the voting in Battle of the Beadsmith.  This is for group D, which is the group I am in (I'm battle #11); groups C, B, & A will follow this week.  Remember - you must vote in ALL FOUR groups for your vote to qualify - and I reallly reallllly want your vote to qualify!   I think it's rather interesting that the piece I'm up against is once again - PINK.  I think I can beat pink!   But it's getting scary girls - because there are sooooo many beautiful pieces in these battles - that eventually I'm going to come up against one that totally blows 'Petoskey Shores' away - like the shoes..... holey moley.

(You may need to copy/paste the address in your search box)

Almost time for the new Creative Spark too - and with all the creating for BOTB and the EMag - my brain has been in high gear!   I've created several new denim pieces, and am now working on another NON denim PETOSKEY STONE piece.  "Sunrise Tide" is a soft blend of the brown of the stone, along with peach tones, and aqua.  Should have that completed tomorrow some time - and of course, photos will follow.

Hope you're having a beadiful day where you are.  It's another rainy one here - so of course - what to do but bead?

Peaceful beading,


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