Saturday, December 5, 2015

Just ready for the RIGHT year

SOOO ready for 2015 to go bye bye.  Lots of loss, disappointment, let down and general sadness.  So much so that it sort of sapped my holiday spirit.  Here we are 20 DAYS before the 'big day', and I have not got one gift wrapped - and only an inkling of what needs to be purchased and for who.  The Grinch has been in the house, and he brought his fellow friend the gremlin. 

I suppose it can only go RIGHT from here....

Not sure what to expect from 2016 - other than election CRAP and a year that leaps.  I already know I won't be showing/selling as much artwork, but hoping to sell just enough in just the RIGHT places, meet just the RIGHT people, with just the RIGHT offers of opportunities that will help me follow my dreams....

As I just posted on Facebook - here's what I'm considering my New Year's "Resolution":

Hoping to start 2016 FRESH.... ideas, knowledge, friendships and dreams.... cheers!

I need the hope of all of them if I'm going to get through even the first month of 2016 RIGHT.

What are your hopes for the new year?

Peaceful beading,

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