Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did ya miss me?

Whew!  What a weekend!  The show is finally over, and although I'm still not done tearing down the displays and returning my home to it's original order - I can breathe now.  AND take it to the bank!  YaHOOO!
Here are LOTS and LOTS of photos of before, during and after, as well as a few SOLD photos.  This is it for me for shows this year, unless I happen to do another impromptu private show for someone special.

Book nook transformed.

 Ok, so I went a little wild with the display, but since I also used some animal print LAST YEAR, and had since accumulated even MORE - well, it just seemed to work somehow.  Everyone seemed to like it - and of course, always many comments on my purple.   :D

 The holiday jewelry table.  Sold just a few holiday jewelry items - including ONE of my favorites:
 "Dirty Snowflakes" now has a new place to call home;  I had even worn this one in the past, and hope I don't wonder where it's gone (I sell so many things sometimes I forget) next time I wear my black and gray snowflake shirt!

Another popular item this time around - FINALLY - the scarf slides.  Haven't been able to sell those for the whole year, even when I was demonstrating and WEARING ONE.  Sold so many on Thursday - had to make more on Friday.  

This annual craft show that I hosted (this is just my second year - some have been participating for over 30 years!) included more than just myself - it also included my friend Tracy and her vintage linens, embroidered pillows, and general primitive and folksy holiday art.  She transforms my living room into a Christmas wonderland, and THIS YEAR - she did it just TWO WEEKS after giving birth to this little guy!:
Say hello to Malaki - he is a genuine pre-Christmas miracle, in that his mom is one of those rare women that having JUST started her menopausal symptoms - didn't even know she was pregnant!  He's perfect - and he was the star of our show....

Awesome Christmas-ness....

 I also hosted and invited two other vendors - Jaime Grant and her BEAUTIFULLY crafted cards and memory books.  Jaime's rather new to the show circuit - but her table was practically empty at the end of the show!  YAY Jaime!

There was also my fellow bead friend Judy Fogle - who seems to be a woman of many talents.  Not only is she a farmers wife, helping with the dairy farm and the maple syrup processing, but she is a volunteer for a local teen mothers' home, a member of a group that spends time with seniors, and she SEWS - making doll clothes, hats, purses, baby clothes and more from ALL thrift store finds.  Cheaply purchased, but very professionally made.  It was very cold here this weekend - and she was winner winner chicken dinner when it came to selling her hats made from sweaters.
 She also made teabag holders, and cup cozies - including silk fabrics and beautiful pearl buttons.

 CUTE little baby booties.  There are two pair of these now winging their way to ALASKA!
 All in all, we had a wonderful weekend.

And you know what the say about dogs and babies:  THEY SELL!  So between Malaki (here two of the three days) and my two babies - we were all happy.  Bella wasn't real wild about her little jail confinement, but was as good as gold none the less.
 Here are a few of the other pieces that sold this weekend.  Note BOTH have an owl feature.  I also have an owl piece for sale and on display at Shiawassee Art Center in Owosso during their Holiday Market - kinda curious about how that one does, too, since they seem to be so popular right now.

There were lots of other sales, too - and I'm a happy but exhausted camper.  Nothing on the books until Turkey day though (except for a rather hefty bank deposit!) - and our new nephew in law is offering to deep fry the turkey for the whole family, so I think the hard work is done!
 Now it's time to finish decking the halls and then hunkering down to do some serious beading, and possibly, just POSSIBLY - reopening my ETSY shop - but in a whole new way.   Or finally end up with a worthy website.  So stay tuned.  Our cold winter could mean big things for Cool Moon.
Peaceful beading, TTFN

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