Monday, November 11, 2013

The SELLING season

Can NOT believe that it's just about mid-November.  Holiday decor EVERYWHERE.  Even some homes already have their lights and decorations up - and I will be joining them before the week is out.
It is almost time again for the big 3 day Holiday Sampler show here in Holt.  There are 12 participants this time, but 3 of them are churches and senior homes, so there are SEVERAL booths in each of those.  My home is host to 3 other vendors besides myself this time - instead of last years 4.  That was a little crowded.

This year - Tracy's usual Vintage TK Antiques and collectibles will fill the front space, Judy Fogle will make her unique upcycled sweaters into hats, gloves and the CUTEST baby stuff, and a new vendor this year - Jaime J. Grant and her beautiful paper crafts.  Judy and I will also have some baked goods for people to buy, and I'm putting out a small display of JUST BEADS.  A buck a strand, or a buck a bag - gotta sell some more of these puppies....

I've also delivered the fresh pieces to Shiawassee Art Center for their market.  Can't wait to see what lovelies sell this year.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that I'd sold a few more pieces when I went to switch them out on Saturday....

It's interesting to find out what is popular in certain areas; almost every piece that I've taken there with a FACE, particularly in BROOCH form - has sold.  But in other places where I've shown them - NADA.
Like I said.... interesting.
Well - better get back at it - I also have a special show to to get ready for THIS week - the girls are coming to me, so that means getting the space ready a whole week early!  Last year's space looked a little like this:

Peaceful beading,

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