Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer to Fall

Let me ask you the classic question -  what did YOU do on your summer vacation?  WAS there a summer vacation?  Was there a summer?  
Because it's now officially FALL, ya'll.  I can't believe it.  I think we skipped summer.
What a bummer.

But even though it didn't really feel like summer - I had a great one, with excellent weather for ALL of the shows I've done so far.   A little wind was all I had to contend with yesterday.  Note to self:  Pack a brick.  Or two.  (Worked for my friend Jane.  They even matched her table decor!)

This was definitely a summer full of 'classic' sales.  GOOD sales.  Sales of OLDER, but still some of my favorite pieces.  Like this one.  Finally found a new home after making the rounds for 2 seasons at several locations.

Still have those darn earrings to match though.  Somehow that always happens.  I do like to sometimes do a 'set' - but more often than not, end up with either the necklace or the earrings from the set left singly.  I don't like to force people to choose both or nothing - I'd rather make the sale for one or the other.  But it always as though I NEVER part with the other 'part' after that.
A jewelry designers dilemma....  :)

So now that we're officially into fall - I have just two more OUTDOOR shows left to do.  They are both nature and fall/Halloween themed shows, so I'll be concentrating on nature and fall themed pieces, along with my beloved, and the very popular Enlightened Denim!  Here's just a peak at some of the pieces that will be available - with a few more ideas up my beading sleeve:

Yep.  MORE Petoskey stones.  I still have two other necklaces, and a bracelet.  Still looking for SMALL pieces to do embroidered cab petoskey earrings.  They're out there.  Somewhere.....
(Thank you to my mother Sandy Mayes for pointing out the glaringly obviously oopsie in my original post).  One of the reasons we have mothers.....  ;)

Petoskey.  Denim.  What's NOT TO LOVE!?

And just so you know, many of the pieces that aren't sold after this weekend of 2 shows will be going into a photo album of pieces that will be available for sale on my Cool Moon Creations & Beads FACEBOOK PAGE.  SO GO LIKE IT!  AND ME!  Then you'll have access to the photos of pieces as soon as they're available, as well as class and show info (although winter is a bit bleak for those in Michigan).
And although I decided to take the month of October OFF, I AM hosting a Jams & Jewels party on Friday, October 24th.  Jams as in JAMBERRY Nail Wraps.  I am a fan, and my niece is a consultant.  I've got many, many MANY styles all lined up and ready to apply - but on the 24th - you'll have the opportunity to try a sample finger of a wrap - so you can see for yourself just how great they are!
We'll do mani's and play with beads, and everyone can get the jump on the closer than you think HOLIDAY shopping.  

Oh, I almost forgot - I've chosen and contacted the winner of my Pay It Forward giveaway.

CANDICE MILHAUSEN is the winner!

Even though Candice is in Arkansas right now, she's a former Michigan resident that used to occasionally shop my bead store.  So I was very excited to see her name pop up!  YAY CANDICE!
Your beads are on the way TOMORROW.
Peaceful beading,

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Lori Anderson said...

These are all gorgeous, but holy cow that first necklace! How do you DO that???