Friday, July 10, 2015

Battle Round 2 TKO

To quote a favorite Looney Tunes line....  "that's all, folks!".   I've been voted off the island.  I'm down for the count.  And I have to say I am relieved it's OVER for me.   So here are the photos that my wonderfully talented photographer friend Jaime J. Grant took of "Petoskey Shores" that had yet to be submitted.  I will definitely be wearing this piece at either DeWitt Garden Walk Art Fair next Sunday, OR to Williamston ArtFest on the River on the 25th.  Haven't decided....

 I took this one on the new bust I found at a yard sale.  Gives you a better idea of dimension...
There are lots of other photos too that I will probably throw in now and then.

Hope to see you at one of my art shows this summer - next Sunday, the 19th begins my crazy, psycho 7 weeks IN A ROW of shows - some are BOTH Saturday AND Sunday!  WHAAAAAAAH!

Why do I do this to myself?   But seriously - I gotta spread the COOL Cool Moon word - especially the denim.  Everybody loves them some Enlightened Denim!

Peaceful beading,


Beadwoman3 said...

I voted for you! I don't personally like when people submit sets of jewelry when it is supposed to be about one piece of wearable art. I think your necklace is beautiful, and yes your first photo was not the best, but I agree with you that the competition is supposed to be about the art, not the photos. Wear it with pride!

coolmoon said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence. Onward and upward. Still have Bead Dreams on my bucket list, and definitely going to try for Fire Mountain's seed bead contest again.
Now to find the perfect top to wear it with. Oh, and to make earrings. And a bracelet.... :)