Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Warning - morning rant

I admit that I'm not really brave enough to post this directly on Facebook.  So I'll rant here, and then link it.  As it is, I'm probably committing career suicide to some extent by ranting about this - but it is truly making me a little upset right now - so here goes.....

(and yes, for the most part - I'm talking about Battle of the Beadsmith.  NEVER going to compete again, so I'm ranting away......)

STOP STOP STOP STOP putting so much damned importance on my jewelry PHOTOS!  I am just a ONE WOMAN (make that GODDESS) show trying to sell and show my pieces the best way I can. And you know what- I look at them.  I don't think they're that bad.  I use my photo editing program to do as much to them as I can to make them as good as I can for online viewing. (Here's the BOTB part of the rant -) So they aren't GIANT in your face BIG.  They still show the size, the quality and IF YOU'D LOOK beyond the first dang photo you see - CLOSE UP detail. I did submit more than one, you know.   But NO.   In this case, at the beginning - they were NOT PROFESSIONALLY done.  Who do you think I am?  A millionaire? So glad that so many of you (mostly from the UK) can afford to simply ship your piece off to the best photographer in your land and come back with photos of stunning models all made up wearing your piece.  That model then becomes the focus.  In my opinion - THIS is not a true showing of how that piece might look on the person that is going to wear it.   If anyone.  Truthfully - I.  ME.  I am the one that's going to be wearing my piece - and I am NOT A MODEL.

And despite your protests about my measly little photos, I DID make it past Round 1, and was honored, and LUCKY to finally have a professional photographer FRIEND available to take some photos for future rounds.  But I can only submit those ONE AT A TIME.   It just burns me when I hear people say (or in this case read their comments) that "it would be a great piece; too bad the photo is so bad".  IT IS A GREAT PIECE!  ALL OF MY PIECES are great.

I realize that this contest IS done by photo submission.  That all people have to judge by IS the photo. But seriously.  We can't all hire professional models.  And in fact - if you don't know the rules - it IS NOT REQUIRED.  I used the largest format my camera would allow.  So I guess if that means I don't make it past Round 2 - then yay.  I can finally wear it.

Note to Dot - I know you warned me.  But it doesn't mean it still doesn't piss me off.

Generally speaking - I have had other negative comments about my photos in the past. So I tried to improve them.  Had a light box for awhile.  Have a digital camera.  Use different backgrounds. Bottom line is -  I do what I can with what I have.  And since MANY of the PHOTOS that I have posted of jewelry pieces on Facebook have resulted in sales - obviously there are SOME people who don't think my photos suck.  Cha. Ching.

As always - PEACEFUL beading,


Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous, I especially love how you have done that big Cab, let em complain, it happens every year, they do not realise how hurtful it can be.

coolmoon said...

Thanks. I really do have some very stunning professional photos now - but since they can only be submitted one at a time = no one may ever see them. I have messaged Steven with a suggestion that maybe he should mention NOT putting negative comments in the albums - it could be detrimental to the artist just from giving other people a pre biased view.
I can't wait to show this piece off at my art fair at the end of the month. I hope to know my then where I stand with BOTB.

lamplight crafts said...

And I thought my rant about the "prescreening" not made clear in sign-ups was bad. There could have been more participants/alternates. Basically if you don't habitually make those huge collars depicting butterflies, your designs arent "battle worthy". I am beginning to think that BOTB is not about the designs at all. Your design is gorgeous. And yes it was designed by a GODDESS! Now I find out that my vote might not count because I might have missed voting for Group A, because you have to vote all groups all rounds from beginning to end for the vote to count. This make up rules as you go is frustrating. BOTB will be lucky to have any USA participants next go round. Hope you make it to the next round.