Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mommy's home!

And Pop, too, for that matter. My parents have returned to summer here from their sunny home in The Villages, Florida. They are still getting settled in, of course, but she still couldn't resist the urge to visit (and treat to dinner) her first and only girl child - ME! Take that, brothers mine! I'm sure we'll be spending alot of time together this summer, and then when they make the return trip home in October - my husband and I will be going with them for a week or so - to celebrate? (not sure I want to celebrate) my 50th birthday. So I'll be trying to save up all summer. Which made me have to choose what kind of beading fun to have this summer. My priority is keeping the shop stocked with what my customers want and my trip to Florida. Something had to give. So I'll have to skip the next "The Beader's Muse" contest. Sorry, Scarlett. I LOVED the first one, and have the piece I made for it exhibiting in the art gallery right now. I hope to be able to enter again in the future. I'm also having to skip most if not ALL of the Great Lakes Bead Guild workshops. Between the prepayment and the gas for the trip - just not going to happen. I hope the gals that I usually go with and take turns traveling with will understand. Hubby going from 2 jobs to a shortened hours 1 is taking it's toll. Plus we've still got to finish paying off his medical bills from the surgery last month....does it all ever end? I sure hope I can get a lot of people to buy beads and my jewelry in the next few months.....

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