Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday = Weird-day

What is it about Flea Markets that bring the, shall I say, "interesting" people out of the woodwork? The antique and craft mall where my bead shop is located held a small Flea Market today - just to see what kind of people it would draw, and how that affected indoor sales as well. Many of our antique dealers expressed an interest in flea marketing - so I hope they're happy with the results. It started out very chilly - like winter coats, and blankets out of the sale bin and drinking hot coffee - chilly. It only warmed up after about 2pm. I think the result was mixed - with some of the dealers doing well - some, although having similar merchandise and prices - not so well. We had a large group of people, both adults and children - come through (come to find out a full cargo van AND car load) that made us all suspicious right away - and it was very difficult to follow them and keep an eye on them. Unfortunately, despite our efforts - I'm sure they managed to stuff a few items in their pockets. I suppose this is just the "nature of the beast" in this situation - but it made for a very stressful and hard working day. I'm having trouble sleeping - although I should be exhausted! My legs ache, my feet hurt and I just can't get that group of people out of my head.
Still taking suggestions from anyone that can help me fix OR remove the photo slideshow on my sidebar. And I would like to know how some of you have managed to personalize your blog pages with your own photo headers, etc. I can't seem to find any info on how to do that. Or is it a part of your website somehow? My brain is going in all directions at almost 1 am. It's probably a good thing I'm taking tomorrow OFF. Not supposed to be a very nice day, though. Still haven't been able to plant many annuals or work in my perennial garden. Just to rainy and cold. My parents will be home from Florida for the summer in a week. I don't think they're going to like the weather here....
Guess I'll go try and read myself to sleep. It'll be in the chair and probably with the light on - but at least it will be sleep.

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