Thursday, May 21, 2009

More color - and a contest

If you haven't gone to yet and commented to enter the contest - only one more day! Great beads being given away (see top photo) - and a great site to follow too.
Today's color - RED. The Feng Shui equivalent of PROSPERITY! Red is not a color that I work with alot (even though I love Feng Shui) - but here is my SPICY! bracelet - "red" hot orange, probably more suitable to the Orange color from yesterday. Oh well.
I'm playing hooky today - and playing in my garden. And probably beading. As much as I enjoy "doing my own thing" when I bead, I'm working on Lauren Miller's "Pacific Burst" bracelet (from Bead Pattern Central) right now - following the instructions to the letter - and having a great time. LOVE IT!
TTFN Happy Beading!

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Your red bracelet is very fun!