Saturday, June 23, 2012

Babbling about blogging

Lori has posed another Bead Cafe/Bead Soup Challenge question:

Why do you blog? Why did you start your blog, and has it changed from when you first started writing? If you're new to blogging, what are your goals for your blog?

Let me do this backward:  I'm not really new to blogging - if I go check my stats - I've been blogging for over 4 years.  Has it changed?  Somewhat.  My subject matter is pretty much the same - beads, dogs, life in general.  I know I seem to add many more photos now, but then, I have a better camera, a better photo download process, and better photo cropping program.   I was up and down on the idea of blogging at first - and completely stopped for the better part of a year. Who would read me?  Who cared about my life?  I continued reading other people's blogs during that time though, and realized there was a growing number, AND that this really could be a good tool if used correctly - as in OFTEN.   So I returned, insisting then that I would BLOG 365!  Well, that didn't turn out so well either.  My life just isn't that exciting, and I didn't want to send the few readers I had running for the hills.  So I just blog when I feel blogging is necessary - mostly for myself, as a cathartic, calming tool. 
WHY did I start my blog?
Seriously, I don't remember.  I think it had a lot had to do with the art of journaling - something that is huge in the metaphysical community that I am involved in.  Many people say that journaling really should be done 'old school'; in other words, that it should be written long hand, with a pen, on paper.  I have discovered though, that I can much better relate the thoughts in my head while typing, so I started a 'journal' using my word program, and "wrote" my thoughts, my plans, my dreams that way.  In fact, my self published book "Beading Zen: Finding Yourself among your Beads" came about as just that - journal pages about my journey to find myself through metaphysics, and beads. 

At some point, many of those musings, those thoughts - made their way to The Babbling Beader, and then another sure fire marketing tool was born:  Facebook.  Once I discovered that I could link my blog to the wonder that is Facebook so that more people knew that it existed - my readership tripled, along with my friends list! 
Why do I continue to blog?  For all of the reasons above....tenfold.  It is a form of expression for me, and for the whole world to see.  (EEK.  That's kind of scary when I think about it!). 
So I think that covers it.  Can't wait to find out who my partner is, and for that package to arrive!
Thanks, Lori, for posing another great challenge question. 
Peaceful beading,


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Excellent post! Though I have not been blogging as long as you, my reasons are the same! I have read through several of your older posts, and will enjoy reading future posts as well! You are truly an artist! Take care and enjoy your soup!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Patti. I do tend to 'babble' though sometimes, don't I? But it keeps me somewhat sane, while apparently keeping over 10,000 visitors interested. Goal!