Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy BTW!

That's Bead Table Wednesday to all you non-bead readers out there!  Here's what's just leaving my table today, going to Coyote Wisdom.  Cool Chakra Jewels.  I sure hope they're hot sellers....

The collection of pieces at this point:  two memory wire bracelets with color changing charms, a spiral rope bracelet (just as fun to make as to wear!), a ring, a pair of hoop earrings featuring Swarovski bicones, a pair of hoops with beaded arc, column earrings, and a pretty arc and drop pendant.  PLUS:
The LONE Chakra Goblet.  He's been around for awhile, and is finally getting put back in the inventory.  I had planned to create two of these when I began, but after circling and circling and circling that stem - ah, well - the LONE goblet it is.  No one else will have a wine or water goblet like this one, that's for sure!
I plan to add to this collection with single color stacking rings, more earrings, and another spiral rope bracelet or two.  This was fun, and hope the customers think so too - by BUYING them all!
I've also been working on a project for my Mom since she returned from Florida.  She has a pretty skirt that is just this fuschia color, one that needed careful matching of seed beads and crystals before beginning.  This is the necklace, incorporating my fun Floral Joy earring component.  There will be a bracelet and earrings to follow.  I WANT to call this piece "One HOT Mama" because of the hot fuschia color - but not sure my MOM would appreciate it.....;0)

Have a great Wednesday everyone - stay COOL!  Another day of 95 in the SHADE!
Peaceful beading,

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