Sunday, July 7, 2013


This blog (written during my latest bout of middle of the night insomnia) is first and foremost about Etsy.   Still wrestling with whether it’s even worth it to keep the shop open or not, but in the meantime – let’s have a sale!  So if you aren’t a FB follower, you may not have heard about it yet.  The coupon code that you need to get 30% OFF everything currently in the shop:  SUMFUN30.  That’s a bigger discount than I EVER gave my store customers for more than a day or two – and this one doesn’t expire until July 18th!  So hurry over there!

Now.  About this insomnia thing.



I’m noticing it seems to be a trend among many of us creative types of late – so many fellow beady FB peeps are posting that they too, are missing the zzzzzz’s.  Something in the air? The stars? 



It really doesn’t help that along with the swirling and twirling thoughts going on in my head, that the dogs have decided “YAY! She’s UP!” and are wandering the yard (in the rain), which will mean toweling and wiping X 2, keeping me further and further from the Z zone.  And that the usual antidote – reading – can’t be achieved without my Nook – which is charging in a non-accessible-when-charging place.  So I guess, I bet, I TRULY HOPE – that a nap is in my Sunday afternoon (or maybe late morning) future.
SO – because I’m awake (or maybe the reason I’m awake) is all the indecision of late regarding my fall schedule.  Still don’t have a car (fuel pumps are expensive!), so keeping in mind my husbands penchant, need, and insistence on hunting – starting with bow season in October, all the way through to second muzzleloader season in December – I’m not sure what I can safely sign up for.  And do I want to participate in the HOME based Holiday Sampler that I did in November last year?  That would solve the car issue – but the price tag is hefty (over $100) if I don’t find other vendors to share my space.  Not going to count on ANY of the girls that I had last year; they are all in different spaces in their lives right now.  And not sure I want to host someone I don’t know.  As well as – call me selfish – but I would prefer to be the only jewelry vendor this time.   I have until end of August to decide….
I also had an invitation from the Shiawassee Art Center to participate in another juried art competition.  I should feel flattered that they believe my work is worthy – but the deadline is the 18th, and I have a two day show, a class AND a party to prepare for.  I can’t submit anything that has already been displayed at the gallery in the past – so that’s what makes it tricky.  I am taking them new art tomorrow, so unless I pull one of those new pieces and hold it for jury consideration, I don’t have anything NEW to submit. And then if they reject it (it happens :/)  then I have done all that work on a gallery worthy piece for nothing – at least until the holiday market in NOVEMBER.  I have until the 17th to decide…..
Well, folks – I guess I will TRY to go and at least close my eyes, and hope for the best.  I was up at 4 – and it’s now after 6.  MAYBE – just maybe – I won’t have to see 7…..
Wish me luck, and peaceful beading,

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Treasures by Louise said...

Oh my goodness! Your early morning wakefulness sounds like mine! Only some days, I really do have to get up at 3am for early shift at work. This morning the alarm went off at 5 by accident, but I thought it was Monday, and ran thinking I was late, until my husband woke up and reminded me that it was Sunday. Then I had to go around and turn off the tea kettle. Never did fall back to sleep. Must go to bed early tonight!