Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funny sight

Wasn't sure what I would blog about today until I looked out my kitchen window. THIS is one of those days when I wish, I wish I had a camera phone. We live on a busy street in a small suburb of Lansing - this street has our middle school, elementary school, library, township offices and fire house, so the light that's just kitty corner from our house gets quite busy - especially during school hours. Traffic was again backed up so that it was stopped out in front. I looked up to see our HUGE village mascot "Swish the Fish" - sitting on it's trailer in front of my house. "Swish" (as he was named by the school kids) is a giant sunfish made entirely of recycled plastic laundry, dish, and milk jugs. Some of our township trustees use it for a teaching tool about recycling at the schools, as well as having it at our community events. It's quite colorful, and quite a sight when sitting right in front of my house. I was hoping to find a photo of "Swish" on our township website - but I guess you'll just have to try to picture it in your mind.
So other than "Swish" and the fact that I'm probably going to have quite a busy day, there's not much else to blab about. I've been working on Lauren Miller's "Pacific Burst" bracelet (from Bead Pattern Central) - but have run into a glitch with the "burst" part - so I hope to work on that some more today....I also hope to have some new things to show and tell, and place on my Photobucket & Facebook sites.